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Italian Luxury Fashion Partnership

As one of the world’s top 500 adult video production companies, we needed to have a partner of exceptional value. Our masks and accessories are handmade in Italy by Chouette.

Chouette is a luxury brand, which makes masks, harnesses and accessories in in real python, crocodile, snake, shark and cuir.

The feeling you get to touch, look at, handle objects of such high manufacturing is indescribable, and it is a privilege to be able to wear them for making videos.

Wearing a mask while making an adult video also guarantees anonymity, while not giving up on aesthetics. Other video-production companies prefer to use anonymous, aseptic masks, made without love. We believe that even a mask must be a face, and the masks made by our partner have an absolutely incredible personality.

We also invite you to look at their e-shop, ’cause if you are a lover of BDSM, fashion and luxury, only Chouette can satisfy your quality needs.

Oh, ’tis a charming lifebrimful of pleasure.


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